Seen & Heard: Two Hands Opens Monday Morning

••• There are “no parking Saturday” signs all along Broadway, and cops are busily towing cars. I asked one what was up. “It’s a march for… I never say the name right. I’ll spell it. B-E-R-N-I-E.” (It’s fun to imagine other ways one night pronounce it.) Anyway, the march is apparently at 10 a.m.—exciting news for anyone who likes his/her candidates unrealistic and unelectable! UPDATE: I guess the cop was wrong about 10 a.m., since it’s 1:40 pm. and there’s no sign of it.

••• Two Hands apparently opens Monday morning.

Two Hands tweet••• And James points out that the sign outside the old Mariachi’s location says the new location (on Chambers, where Kitchenette was) also opens Monday.

••• Last night marked the opening of The Polish Pit at 59 Franklin. That’s polish as in nails, not sausages, but it’s not a nail salon. “A trendy and unique spot located in TriBeca, the Polish Pit gives customers, affectionately known as PitMixMasters, an experience to create their own color nail polish!” says the Eventbrite listing about the opening party. “The Polish Pit has created its very own lane in the cosmetic industry.” According to its website, the Pit also has “an inventory of some of your favorite name brand polishes. Check out our other featured cosmetics made by some of your favorite independent designers.” The building is slated to be torn down, to make way for an 18-story L-shaped building that also fronts Broadway, so this is presumably a pop-up. (I walked by yesterday, after reading about the event, but I saw no evidence of it in the street-level retail. Then I walked by again this morning; it’s inside the shoe repair shop.)

••• I did notice a new gallery in that 59 Franklin strip: It’s called Eye for Art, and it opened a couple of weeks ago. From Facebook:

Eye For Art is the premier Art Gallery in Pakistan. Located in Karachi and NewYork founded in 2004 by Ali Haider and Jawaid Haider, we specialize in modern art work by Master Artists of Pakistan including Sadequain, Gulgee, Shemza, Shakir Ali, Zuhur Ul Ikhlaque, Jamil Naqsh, Ahmed Parvez, Bashir Mirza and others. We also focus on work by important senior artists in both the modern and contemporary categories that represent significant long term investment value as well.

courtesy Eye for Art••• March 3-6 at hpgrp Gallery (434 Greenwich, enter on Vestry): New City Art Fair, “on a mission to deliver contemporary Asian art to art lovers around the world.” Below: Daisuke Takahashi’s “untitled(tmtm).”

"untitled(tmtm)" by Daisuke Takahashi


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  1. Anyone know where Mangez Avec Moi ,moved to?