Seen & Heard: Sidewalk Squeeze on Franklin

••• A representative for GrubHub sent a correction and a clarification, both regarding fees which I also added to the post if you’d like to see them in context:

“Restaurants that are paid electronically are paid on a weekly basis, without the $1 fee you referenced. The $1 fee you mentioned is only applicable if restaurants want to be paid on a daily basis (which would be faster than the average 48 hours you mentioned, that restaurants have to wait to be paid for their own credit card transactions).”

“We charge the same marketing fee (the commission percentage you referenced) for phone orders as online orders. Our algorithm determines whether a call results in an order; the length of the call is one factor that goes into that determination. The review system is in place so that if our algorithm makes a mistake, we can rectify that with the restaurant.”

••• H. sends word (and image) that Laughing Man‘s Street Seats parklet is back for the season.

••• “Two construction sites, one narrow street, a disaster waiting to happen. What happens when both sidewalks on both sides of a narrow street are blocked by construction? Baby carriages missed by an inch. It’s happening now on Franklin. The guys said they’ve taken it up with DOT to settle the dispute. In the meantime, watch out!” That is pretty narrow….

Franklin sidewalkCast Iron House sidewalk••• Flyers are posted on Spring between Renwick and Greenwich for a “Mr. Robot” shoot on Tuesday.

••• From Community Board 1 regarding the new elementary school in FiDi: “There is a public hearing on this notice, hosted by CB1, [today] at 6 p.m. The public comment period is open for 45 days after the meeting.” The meeting is in the Municipal Building (1 Centre), “likely in the Borough Prsident’s Conference Room on the south side, 19th floor.”

••• Cami tried Apni Deli, new on Grand Street: “I ordered chapati and yellow dhal. It was spicy and fresh and tasted like food an ‘auntie’ would make. It is targeted at taxi drivers, but if you want tasty Indian vegetarian food that doesn’t taste like every other Indian restaurant in the city, give this a try.”


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  1. I wonder if this failure to coordinate the Franklin St sidewalk fences is related to this issue you reported on earlier:

    “The city’s plan to shut down an office dedicated to coordinating nearly a hundred ongoing construction projects in Lower Manhattan could do serious harm to residents’ quality of life, say Downtown leaders.” —Downtown Express