Seen & Heard: The Spiritual Awakening of Seasonal Whispers

••• The ground floor façade of 15 Renwick is rather distinctive. If I thought anyone else cared about Renwick Street, I’d be tempted to do a New Building Report Card.

15 Renwick••• Puma is opening a store at 433 Broadway (at Howard). How long till a major retailer makes the leap across Canal?

Puma 433 Broadway••• Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project is playing BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on March 11: “Two-time Juno-winning banjoist and composer Jayme Stone is one of the most innovative five string banjo players working today, adapting and performing traditional music from cultures as diverse as Brazil, Bulgaria and West Africa.” Here’s the band’s “Susan Anna Gal”:

••• Le District now offers grocery delivery: “With 3 delivery zones and delivery prices from $5.50 to $10.00, we’ll get it up to you as fast as possible and up to 23rd street in Manhattan.”

••• March 16 at Pace University: A conversation with NYC schools chancellor Carmen Fariña. Info and RSVP.

••• Seasonal Whispers, the jewelry/apparel boutique at 71 Murray, has undergone a spiritual awakening: Now called Goldish, it sells incense, crystals, singing bowls, and 14-karat-gold and sterling-silver body activation jewelry (“to Empower Women & Honor the Divine Feminine Energy,” according to the website). A few pics:

Goldish singing bowls Goldish crystals Goldish incense Goldish jewelryGoldish outside



  1. Erik,

    Poor old Renwick street…
    Take another look – it really has the true character indicative of the original narrow streets of Manhattan…

    Once construction finally ends the city should re-pave it nicely and give it the finishing touches it deserves.(and I don’t mean Coup de Grace!)

    It is also the best shortcut by which to drive through from the area North of Spring down to the area below Canal ;)

  2. Ahhh Renwick Street. My first night in NYC after moving here in 1986 I walked from Morton, south, and ended up at Spring and Renwick (at McGovern’s). I quickly recognized that odd little NYC corner was one of the locations for Scorsese’s “After Hours”. I’ve always had a soft spot for that neighborhood, although it’s radically changed from the mid-80s.

  3. I would love to see your new building report card- there is SO much new construction on Renwick and the hotel looks just about ready to open!

  4. Are there any other streets in New York named for an architect? (James Renwick (1818 – 1895), of course, was the architect of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grace Church and other New York buildings.)

  5. Seasonal Whispers is re-located to:

    71 Hudson Street. This is the flagship store
    of the company. We are no longer at 71 Murray St.

    Please call 917-318-6971 Come and visit the store