In the News: Spring Studios Fashion Club

••• Spring Studios on Varick is opening a private club, Spring Place. “The spot by developers Alessandro Cajrati Crivelli and Francesco Costa (not to be confused with Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa) will open in May, we hear. […] The spot for the creative jet set will include memberships for workspaces, socializing or both—and the club could expand to territories including LA and Brazil.” Whenever I spend time with fashion types, I come away with the feeling that they should hang out more with people from outside their world. (Photo by Alexander Severin.)—New York Post

••• “A time-lapsed video shows Spring Studios’ transformation from an airy, empty space to the fully installed fair.” —T Magazine

••• “The NYPD is planning a Times Square-style crackdown on the hustlers who prey on naive tourists visiting Battery Park.” —New York Post

••• “Police warn that a virtual kidnapping scam is spreading in Lower Manhattan, with three Downtowners duped out of thousands of dollars over the course of two weeks by con artists calling to demand ransom for supposedly abducted family members.” —Downtown Express