In the News: Antennas Atop 1 World Trade Center

1WTC spire••• “The Durst Organization is constructing a broadcast center at One World Trade Center. It plans to outfit the tower’s 408-foot spire with antennas to service television broadcasters lured away from the Empire State Building. […] Durst is building a transmission space on the 90th floor that will have backup power and allow broadcasters to plug in their equipment.” Above: The tip of the spire from before it was installed. —Wall Street Journal

••• As a result of the successful musical, people are visiting Andrew Alexander Hamilton’s grave at Trinity Church. I’d love to see the musical, and I’m sure it’s brilliant, but this must be the 200th New York Times article related to it and for Pete’s sake, is there nothing else in this city to write about? (P.S. I’ve been wanting to gripe about that for months now, and when I finally do, I call him Andrew. Sigh.)

••• “It is often forgotten that decades before the World Trade Center existed, the neighborhood was already a thriving commercial center. Restaurants, flower and plant shops, hardware stores, bookstores and numberless other enterprises flourished there, including the old Washington Market on Washington Street. But most of all it was known for the 400-odd radio, TV and hi-fi stores that congregated in the southern half of the area and went by the name of Radio Row.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Each year, State regulators require that public authorities, such as BPCA, distribute to board members unsigned questionnaires that quantify their opinions about how each authority is run. These ‘board performance evaluations’ must be included in each Authority’s annual report, and rate perceptions on a scale of one to five, with one being the lowest possible ranking. One or more BPCA board members gave the Authority a grade of one in six different categories, according to the BPCA’s annual report for 2015.” —Broadsheet

••• “I stumbled upon this strange report from—presumably—French television circa 1987 that profiles The Pogues. Despite the fact that I took about eight years of French, I can’t honestly understand a lick of it today, so I’m afraid I can’t really shed any great amount of light on what’s being said here. But what struck me was the footage of the Pogues wandering around Manahttan, looking for trouble. I looked twice and immediately recognized the plot of real estate they’re seen staggering around on. […] The Nancy Whiskey Pub on Lispenard Street, just south of Canal. […] One assumes Shane and the boys spent many an hour in this fine establishment over the course of the day.” —Flaming Pablum


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  1. The Wall Street Journal has a Hamilton-related article on the front page today as well.