In the News: Gwyneth and Chris Have Listed Their Apartment

gwyenth-apartment-3-jpg••• Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have put their apartment at the River Lofts on the market. Above: A shot from Vogue’s feature on the place.StreetEasy

••• “The organization that operates Manhattan’s Hudson River Park hopes to begin repairs to the 15-acre sports facility at Pier 40 in the spring of 2017, according to an announcement Tuesday. But the project is contingent on getting approval to sell about $100 million worth of unused development rights to a real estate partnership.” —Crain’s

••• “Pace University is putting its 15-story dormitory building at 106-108 Fulton St. on the market,” likely for a condo conversion. Plus: A roundup of other Fulton Street developments. —New York Post

••• “Peck Slip School and DOE Reach Pact in Classroom Breakfast Battle.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Amid some of the priciest condominium developments in the city, there are still some surprisingly affordable accommodations available—in the form of a veritable shantytown that periodically springs up in the Financial District underneath perhaps Downtown’s longest-standing sidewalk shed—but locals hope that the sporadic settlement’s days are numbered.” It’s at 45 John. —Downtown Express



  1. I am literally heartbroken that Gwynn & Chris are uncoupling from their Tribeca apartment. It is literally heartbreaking. Literally. How will we recover as a community? Wait a second, is Two Hands delivering yet? Also, is there a warm weather Canada Goose jacket that every schmucko is going to buy and/or transition to in the coming weeks? Couples who wear Canada Goose jackets get extra points at schmuckoville.

  2. Wonder if celebrity apartments command a premium? By that logic, her apartment should sell at a discount ;-)

    Pinky JJ

  3. Just wondering. Did PACE get any city, state or federal grant monies or tax breaks in the building of its just completed Fulton Street dorm it now wants to put up for sale for condos? The private university could make quite a profit on this deal. And where are they now housing students?