Seen & Heard: Best Market’s Disappointing Delivery Zone

••• “The good news is Best Market has begun deliveries,” emailed L. “The bad news is the store has limited delivery to a four-block radius (or less): from N. Moore to Warren, and West Street to Church. I have spoken to the manager who referred me to Corporate. I filed a complaint with them, but perhaps other readers would like delivery to suburban Tribeca as well.” According to the company’s “Contact Us” page, CEO/President Rebecca Philbert is at and V.P. of Store Operations Brian Kix is at

••• The American Apparel store on W. Broadway is looking especially empty. Will it survive the spring?

American Apparel••• Two views of Citi’s plaza makeover.

Citi plaza 388 Greenwich2 ••• The demolition of the old Chad-Erik garage at 456 Greenwich is underway. Always hurts a little to see brick walls being crumbled apart.

456 Greenwich demo••• Two views of the Tommie hotel at Hudson, Canal, and Renwick (it’s V-shaped, with entrances on Hudson and Renwick). The street-level space along Canal is filled with kitchen equipment, presumably for Harold’s Meat & Three, a restaurant from chef Harold Moore; while I’d love it if they leave it open to the street, the southern exposures would likely drive the kitchen staff nuts. According to the Barone Management website, the Tommie will have more than 330 rooms and the restaurant will have “over 5,000sf of seating in a high ceilinged interior space with an open garden style courtyard.” The hotel’s own website says reservations are being taken for August 1 onward. You can even get a room with bunk beds, if that turns you on, and hang out at “Harold’s Meat & Three American Eatery, Lobby Bar and The Courtyard with signature cocktails, The Rooftop and a 24-hour General Store.”

Tommie Hotel Tommie Hotel1••• While waiting for the Ikea ferry to Red Hook on Saturday night—we had dinner at the Good Fork, which I quite enjoyed—I noticed that Pier 17 is now at least three stories above ground (or water, I suppose). This picture is terrible because I only had my phone, and it doesn’t do well with lights at night.

Pier 17



  1. Finally tried best market, the produce selection and quality was terrible (ended up with mealy fruit and berries with mold) their organic options seems incredibly pricey (although I’m too lazy to price compare) definitely disappointed and won’t be shopping there for anything fresh.

  2. While i like (in general) Best Market…I find that they seem to run out of certain popular items and sometimes don’t re-stock for a while…which can be frustrating….

    Food Emporium was usually pretty good when it came to that…I’ll go in for a quart of say Tuscan Milk and that part of the shelf is totally empty…Or, say a loaf of Arnold Brick Oven Bread, which some times they have in stock and other days, none at all….

    I’ve also given them a few lists of popular items that i use to buy and also sold well) that Food Emporium had and they don’t, to get in and haven’t seen any of those items come in as of yet…I realize they haven’t been open that long, but hope they will soon be responsive to these requests…

    On the plus side…their prices are generally cheaper then Food Emporium’s was and most of the staff is very friendly…

  3. Some potentially bad news about the well-loved Ikea ferry: Apparently the city has a plan to save money by sourcing ferry services to an out-of-state company. NY’s Water Taxi says that it can’t afford to operate under those conditions, and if the plan goes through will cease service by the fall. There is no plan to replace the ferry in the city’s proposal. At least that’s the way I’ve heard it. Perhaps someone knows better. I just heard “no more Ikea ferry” and the world went blurry for a while.

  4. Same thoughts as Craig. Milk section was ransacked Sunday night. Staff is friendly.

    On the pricing front, I still find that WF’s Generic label (365) to be the best deal on most non-perishable items. Especially when cheaper versions fly quickly at Best Market.

    That being said, it’s really incredible to have a place to pick up basics outside of a larger shopping run.

  5. Although the Best Market does have its obvious faults, I do believe they are outweighed by the heart wrenching & warming family-esque gab sessions that I’ve experienced on numerous visits to the deli counter and the prepared dessert sections. It’s like the family I knew I never wanted. And I feel so much closer to my fellow TriBeCaNs than I have ever felt during the haphazard bullshit talkery sessions experienced during the Taste Of Your Tribeca or the Tribeca Family F@#k Festival. But that’s just me. Best Market…you, complete me. And I just can’t quit you.