Seen & Heard: New Building on Hudson Street

••• More demolition porn, if you can call it that, or 456 Greenwich. A rendering of the hotel to be built on that lot is here.

456 Greenwich demo1 ••• Film/TV/advertising shoot season is back in full force. The day after “Drew” took over Warren and other streets, flyers for “Limitless” were posted on Warren (for a shoot today). And many streets in south Tribeca will be used on March 22, 23, and 24 for “Bull,” a TV show. From the flyer:

[Loosely] based on the early career of Talk Show Host and Psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw, “Bull” follows the insightful and intelligent Dr. Jason Bull and his colleagues at his trial consultancy firm as they use psychology, surveillance and high-tech metrics to advise clients and guide jury selection on high-profile court cases.

UPDATE: “Limitless” has also posted flyers for Friday.

••• Cops are still parking willy-nilly over the White Street sidewalk.

NYPD cops parking White Street••• Opening today at hpgrp Gallery: “An exhibition of Antique Imari porcelain collection […] a style of Japanese porcelain wares named after the port city where it was shipped to the West. During the 17th century, Imari porcelain overtook the foreign market with its auspicious motifs and distinctive colors. Antique Imari porcelain from this period is prized among collectors for its unique style and skill production technique.”

antique imari porcelain courtersy hpgrp••• “We are very excited and motivated to get open,” commented City Winery’s Michael Dorf on yesterday’s post about City Vineyard at Pier 26. “Yes, the challenges of a very public location, the bureaucratic building process, among other licensing, has taken longer than anyone would have imagined. Nevertheless, we have our contractor, our plans, our insurances, etc. even building materials ready to go. The space is going to be very beautiful, we are confident the vines will be planted in soil and be growing in the springtime. We believe the wine will be flowing in June. Stay patient. We are on it.”

••• The little slice of land at 229 Hudson, between the old and new buildings pictured below, will be the site of a new commercial structure. That’s been the plan for a while—paperwork was first filed in 2013, with more in the past six months. (The Jan. 25 permit posted on the fence was what drew my attention to the lot.) The DOB filings all refer to the building as two stories; as you can see from the elevation drawing from Prudigm Engineering, farther below, two-story buildings are bigger than they used to be. The firm’s website says mezzanines are what makes the building look like four stories.

229 Hudson229HudsonSt1-frontElev