Cercle Rouge Has Indeed Closed

cercle rouge2 4911 by tribeca citizenGeorges Forgeois confirmed in a comment that his restaurant Cercle Rouge, shown above in happier days, has indeed closed:

Cercle rouge owed 5k in december+ january & february rent + 20k in realestate taxes.true that the last 14 months i have been slow at paying.in addition they planned to put a scaffold right in the spring season which would affect the business tremendussly.add to that ,that the city doesn’t want to give us the permit for bastille day, i decided to call it a day.john , my landlord has been a good guy the first 9 years .i think he just lost it & don’t realise the damage done.come visit us at the other venues.life is good

The other places are Le Singe in Chelsea, Jules Bistro in the East Village, and Bar Tabac in Cobble Hill.



  1. A sign of the end is when you have fruit flys
    They were everywhere recently at Cercle Rouge

  2. Why would the city deny them a permit?
    It’s not like they block lots of traffic.

  3. Very sad. Another loss for Tribeca…

  4. Very sorry to hear. I loved circle rouge.

  5. Loved the bar for a girls night out, the early brunch with the kids and the outside space whenever the weather would allow it. ?
    I do hope it will not be replace by an other high end nail spa hairdresser whatever or even worst remain empty

  6. Another reason I love your posts! Had brunch reservations for CR on Easter Sunday and no one called to notify us it has closed. Sad to hear it has closed.