Seen & Heard: Keith Haring Mural Loft Is Back on the Market

••• Two Hands, which has been strong out of the gate (it’s always packed), now says it’ll start dinner service the first week of April.

••• Looks like apartment #1/2C at the American Thread Building (260 W. Broadway) is heading back to market; the current owner bought it for $10 million at the end of 2014.

Keith Haring loft••• Last week’s Where in Tribeca…?—the one with the cast-iron column encased in glass—was on Warren Street. You’ll have a chance to redeem yourself on Friday morning.

••• The Related Companies rental building under construction at 261 Hudson looks rather good—far better than the rendering had indicated. Still wondering what the plan is for the huge rear yard on the Renwick side….

261 Hudson••• Someone told me that the restaurant opening in the former Ivy’s Bistro on Greenwich wasn’t its own place but an expansion of Smith & Mills, so I ran it by Matt Abramcyk, who said there’s no truth to that rumor whatsoever.

••• Finally, something besides a chain restaurant is opening on the Hudson Square stretch of Hudson Street: Smallbone by Devizes, which makes kitchens and other furniture, is doing something at 330 Hudson.

Smallbone of Devizes 330 Hudson