Seen & Heard: Another Intruder

••• There was indeed at least one other break-in recently. I heard about someone who had an intruder in a Warren Street apartment last week, but on a different day: Someone entered her apartment while she was home sick in bed, and the guy took off when she called out.

••• Interesting exhibit opening March 28 at Front Art Space on Chambers: “Surface Resonance is a solo exhibition by Feargal Cunningham, an artist based in Cork, Ireland. This is Mr. Cunningham’s first show in the United States. Surface Resonance is a series of five videos that capture the poetic and meditative discovery of reflected images on semi-polished floor surfaces. Mr. Cunningham slowly ‘paints’ water onto the floor with wide brushes or mops. As the frame of the video fills with water, a carefully composed image slowly reveals.” Two stills:

stills by Feargal Cunningham••• The newly white part of the Roxy Hotel must be where the Blackstones salon will be (because it’s going to have an entrance on Church. as well as via the lobby). They’re now saying it’ll debut mid-April.

Roxy Hotel white paint••• A couple of weeks ago, a photographer was shooting dancers on Broadway by City Hall Park. I just came across the results on Instagram; they’re a project called Dance as Art by Kevin Richardson.

••• The Tribeca Film Festival shot a commercial yesterday on White Street. And Chase is shooting one today in northeast Tribeca (I saw flyers on White). The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment isn’t going easy on us so far this spring, is it?