“Tribeca Moms”: The Calendar

AlisonKatie“Can you start the article by saying that we know this is ridiculous?” says Rebecca, the September model in the new Tribeca Moms calendar. “Everyone is always talking about ‘Tribeca moms,’ so we thought we’d have some fun with it!”

The idea came up during a meeting about ways to raise money for the fitness programs at P.S. 234. Someone suggested doing a sexy calendar like the FDNY one, and after the initial laughter died down, the women realized that they didn’t actually have a problem showing their bodies off—if the context was right. Instead of clichéd “sexy” poses, the participants are photographed mid-workout, doing yoga, Cross-Fit, Pilates, spinning, and so on.

Rebecca“What’s the point of working out all the time if you’re not going to flaunt it every now and then?” asks Andrea (February). “And let’s be realistic—it’s not like anyone wants to see us wearing Canada Goose.”

The initial plan was for a 12-month calendar, but there were so many volunteers that the organizers decided to do an 18-month calendar, starting with this July. Moreover, proceeds will also benefit P.S. 89, P.S. 150, and Spruce Street School. It was shot at local fitness studios by Tribeca photographer Nigel Chivers, and all of the participants agreed to three conditions: no stylists, no makeup artists, no retouching.

AmyObjectification? Not a chance, say the women. Instead, they see it as a means to empowerment. As Amy (October) explains, “We really want to send a message to our daughters, to show them that strong, sexy women are everywhere.” This philosophy does have its limits: The women agreed to not use their last names because they’d rather not have the images get in the way of, say, a career move.

Generally, however, they’re not concerned about what people think. Lisa (November) tells what happened when someone wondered whether her husband approved: “I was like, Seriously? I never even asked him!”

The first five months are shown here. To see the rest, you’ll have to buy the Tribeca Moms calendar. It’s $95, and you can order by emailing TribecaMomscalendar@gmail.com. Like most calendars, this one is annotated with holidays, including the one that happens on the first day of April.

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