Seen & Heard: Peek Inside the Beach Street Pizzeria

••• Press release from councilmember Margaret Chin’s office: The “ban on tourist helicopter flights [starts] this Sunday, and every Sunday to come. The Sunday ban, which begins on April 3, is the beginning of a series of steep reductions in the number of tourist helicopter flights that resulted from a historic agreement between the City and industry reached earlier this year.”

••• The “Post No Bills” warnings at 361 Broadway are truly next-level.

••• “I snuck into the new pizza place on Beach St. and the interior looks pretty nice for a cozy spot,” reports a reader. Sneaking in to take photos is impressive! This is the restaurant at 49 Beach that seems like it’ll be the reborn Il Mattone.

49 Beach Il Mattone••• Lynn Ellsworth of Tribeca Trust is leading a tour on May 6. It’s “A Jacobian Protest Walk to Grieve for Tribeca South: A Jazz Funeral for Tribeca South. Walk with Tribeca Trust through the parts of Tribeca South slated for demolition. Learn about how boundaries of historic districts make all the difference for a liveable city. Talk about what reforms are needed in the landmarks law and in zoning to create a human-scale, livable city. How to Find Us: We will be holding a coffin decorated with pictures of demolished buildings in our neighborhood.”

••• Soho Rep’s production of Revolt. She Said, Revolt Again has been extended before it has even opened. It was written by British playwright Alice Birch and originally commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company. “Through a series of provocations that overlap, intersect and explode, Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. explores the politics of language. Described by The Guardian as ‘kaleidoscopic, unruly, searing, sharply funny’ and by The Daily Telegraph as ‘a cluster-bomb of subversion’ the work centers on how we talk to, and about, each other. This play is not well behaved.”


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  1. Thanks for the REVOLT tip at Soho Rep. Just snagged my tix.