In the News: Change Is Afoot at Wichcraft

••• A New York Times article about funky-shaped lots includes the two-triangle building set for 100 Franklin. “Looking north, it almost appears to be a typical loft building, with big windows recessed into a patterned brick facade (a DDG specialty). But move to the other end of the building and it is apparent that the facade tapers down to a fine point, before vanishing into the building next door. An arched buttress at the street, which creates a doorway for a retail space, appears to be holding the entire end aloft.” 100 Franklin will have 10 units and two retail spaces.

••• In a Serious Eats podcast, chef Tom Colicchio spoke of a Wichcraft upgrade: “We are going through a whole sort of big huge change to Wichcraft. New design, new graphics, new everything. We started it 14 years ago as kind of a lark, a side thing that we did. One store turned to second, and a third. And we never thought about fast casual, doing something big business. You walk into a Wichcraft and you have no idea we even make sandwiches. There’s nothing to suggest that we use great ingredients, that we’re cooking, period. […] Probably June we’ll have our first new store.” Could it be 325 Broadway? (The quote comes from around the 42-minute mark of the “3 Things Every Chef Should Know” podcast.) Not to harp on it, but the branding isn’t what stops me from going more.

••• “A coalition of five elected officials representing Lower Manhattan is calling upon the Battery Park City Authority to allow public comment at meetings where decisions are made, affecting the lives of people who live or work within the community.” —Broadsheet

••• “A Manhattan neurosurgeon convicted at trial of trying to ​steal court documents related to his contentious multimillion-dollar divorce was recently busted on a sex abuse charge [… He] allegedly attacked a woman inside his luxury Tribeca apartment on Chambers Street.” Increasingly, I think our system of naming the accused but not the accuser is deeply flawed. If it turns out he didn’t do it, too late: His reputation is in tatters. —New York Post

••• More on the change of developer/operator at the Battery Maritime Building, as first reported by the Broadsheet last week. —New York Post


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  1. “Not to harp on it, but the branding isn’t what stops me from going more.”

    No kidding! I went into a Wichcraft last week for the first time in a few years and was shocked at how much the level of quality has dropped over the years. Lower-quality and bland-tasting ingredients, less innovative menu options, and the overall feel of the location was as generic as a Panera Bread somewhere in the midwest. Disappointing considering this used to be one of my favorite go-to’s, and a cautionary tale on prioritizing scaling big over maintaining the distinctive level of quality that made you special in the first place.