In the News: Scotch & Soda Is Opening a Seaport Store

••• “Cape Advisors’ planned condominium building at 30 Warren [rendering above] in Tribeca is aiming for a total sellout of nearly $100 million. The developer has affixed a combined price tag of $98.6 million to the 23-unit project, according to an offering plan recently approved by the Attorney General.” Cape Advisors should consider a nice, juicy donation to Friends of Bogardus Garden, a block away. It’s the least the company can do for the double-whammy of demolition and construction it’s going to inflict on south Tribeca (at 30 Warren and the nearby W. Broadway parcel). —Real Deal

••• DNAinfo ran with the gumball petition story. P.S. No disrespect to the enterprising kid who made the machine happen, but have you seen it? It’s teensy!

••• Dutch apparel brand Scotch & Soda is opening a store in the South Street Seaport; the press release on Yahoo Finance doesn’t specify where, so there must be an existing tenant. The company already has stores on Bleecker, Lafayette, and Broadway (at 18th St.).

••• “For Donald J. Trump, it is a long-held legal strategy, if not a point of pride, to avoid knuckling under to plaintiffs in court. ‘I don’t settle lawsuits—very rare—because once you settle lawsuits, everybody sues you,’ he said recently. But Mr. Trump made an exception when buyers of units in Trump SoHo, a 46-story luxury condominium-hotel in Lower Manhattan, asserted that they had been defrauded by inflated claims made by Mr. Trump, his children and others of brisk sales in the struggling project. He and his co-defendants settled the case in November 2011, agreeing to refund 90 percent of $3.16 million in deposits, while admitting no wrongdoing.” —New York Times

••• “James McNally, a so-called ‘rooftopper’ who has been taking video and photos of his soaring climbs to the peaks of dozens of New York buildings for nearly two years—gaining nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram—has been hit with criminal charges in connection to his summit at [70 Pine] and a Midtown skyscraper, according to court documents.” —DNAinfo


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  1. I’d like to buy the principals of Cape Advisors a beer in the old Raccoon Lodge. Then punch them in the face.