Pookie & Sebastian Is Closing

Pookie & Sebastian TribecaPookie & Sebastian‘s Tribeca boutique at 147 Reade is closing at the end of the month, having made it just over a year. Until then, you can get 25% off any three full-price items. The challenge with low-priced merchandise is that you have to sell a lot of it, and the low foot traffic in Tribeca—and on a street like Reade in particular—makes that very hard.

Pookie & Sebastian Tribeca sign



  1. That’s too bad! It always seemed weird to me that it closed at 6:30. I tried to go a couple times and was too late. Seems like if they wanted to get anyone shopping after work they should stay open until 7. Though I guess it probably wouldn’t have helped enough to keep them running

  2. what else is new. everything is closing. There should be rules for Landlords who have been getting rid of our Mom & Pop stores and tenants for years now.

  3. Jammy Sod is wrong on this one: it’s the landlord.