Seen & Heard: City Hall Park’s Next Art Exhibit

courtesy Public Art Fund••• The Public Art Fund sent out a release about the next art exhibit at City Hall Park (June 28 to Sept. 29): “The Language of Things, a new thematic group exhibition that explores the nature of language and communications extending beyond spoken and written word. […] The show features a diverse international group of seven artists: Carol Bove, Claudia Comte, Michael Dean, Adam Pendleton, Tino Sehgal, Chris Watson, and Hannah Weiner. Their sculptures, situational works, sound pieces, and poems speak to our innate desire to read and understand the patterns and codes inherent in the world around us.” Two works of note: “Known for his ‘constructed situations’ consisting of live encounters between people, Anglo-German artist Tino Sehgal (b. 1976, U.K.) presents This You (2006), the only live work of the exhibition and the only outdoor piece in this seminal artist’s oeuvre.” Seminal?! He was born in 1976! “The work, which traverses the nature of personal encounters and translation, is interpreted by a female vocalist on the park’s pathways.” Also: “Field recorder Chris Watson’s (b. 1953, U.K.) Ring Angels, a multichannel sound installation that will be exhibited for the first time at full length. Featuring the murmuration”—mmm, that word—”made by flocking starlings in the United Kingdom at sunset, the work calls attention to the unknown matrix of information and signals that move rapidly through the flock and enable the fluidity of the starlings’ flight patterns.” Judging from the description, the work pictured above is Carol Bove’s “Lingham.”

••• Cowboy Junkies play City Winery on July 15 (two shows) and 17. They’re my favorite band, but I’m a bad fan, because I prefer the older music. Below: “Ring on the Sill,” and please close your eyes and listen to the lyrics.

••• Another Tribeca artist wants to sell his/her loft on N. Moore. Here’s the info: “The space is ready for move-in or transform it to showcase your vision. The building was built in 1897, and both the location and loft retain the charm of old Tribeca. Currently configured with a large living area, one bedroom, and two artist studios, it can easily be converted to a three-bedroom home. The 1,900 square feet of rambling space includes built-in floor-to-ceiling bookcases; there are large north-facing windows, as well as some south-facing ones. The building has designated roof space for the addition of central air. $2.8 million. Email to set up an appointment. No brokers!”

••• I’ve always wondered why OpenTable adds “Downtown” to “Tribeca”—but not to, say, “Financial District,” “South Street Seaport,” or “Battery Park.” Of course, those last two should actually be “The Seaport” and “Battery Park City.”

opentable••• Info on the Battery Park City Authority’s next “Open Community Meeting”:

Battery Park City meeting notice


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  1. Tino Sehgal is the first artist I think of when I hear the word overrated.