In the News: More Renderings of 70 Vestry

••• Burglary through a back window at Estancia 460. —Tribeca Trib

••• A man robbed the Santander Bank branch on Hudson; he “verbally demanded cash.” —New York Post

••• The New Yorker interviewed actor Hugh Dancy at Sushi Azabu. Have you ever noticed that the “Talk of the Town” section is mainly an opportunity for writers to hang out with famous people?

••• “In Race to Succeed [Sheldon] Silver, Democratic Nominee Alice Cancel Skips Appearances and Raises Almost No Money.” And other notes from a weird race. —Broadsheet

••• A look at the ways the Tribeca Film Festival has gone way beyond film. How long till they change the name to something like the Tribeca Future Festival…? (Which reminds me! Just FYI, two events use the same #TFF2016 hashtag every year: The other one is the Texas Furry Fiesta, for people who like dressing up as fuzzy creatures.) —Wall Street Journal

••• More 70 Vestry renderings. —YIMBY

70 Vestry rendering


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  1. Texas Furry Fiesta sounds like fun