In the News: Flood-Protection Money

••• “Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s deal to open a seafood market and restaurant at Howard Hughes Co.’s South Street Seaport redevelopment came with a sweet side dish. Vongerichten and his business partner, Phil Suarez, can veto any other restaurant or food tenant at the complex if they don’t feel they’re the right fit for the new Seaport’s less touristy, locally-oriented approach or compete too directly with their own planned places—and they’ve nixed a bunch of Seaport suitors already.” —New York Post

••• Community Board 1 posted this on Facebook: “$100MM that City put in for Lower Manhattan resiliency Natural Disaster Recovery Competition will now be allocated only south of Brooklyn Bridge for CB1’s ‘Manhattan Tip,’ according to Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency. The $100 million in dedicated City funds helps to reach the City’s estimate of $234 million needed to finance the Manhattan Tip hardening project”—ahem—”that would help ensure that Community District 1 is protected against future extreme weather events.”

••• “A Broadsheet Q&A with Republican, Reform, and Independence Candidate Lester Chang,” who has been endorsed by Trump sympathizer Rudy Giuliani. Just asking: Should the Broadsheet have acknowledged (or postponed) the ad for Chang that ran in the same email? It would certainly smell less awkward if there are Q&As with the other candidates coming up soon.

••• “The city is shutting down the dedicated office tasked with coordinating construction projects in Lower Manhattan, despite repeated calls from local officials to keep the bureau running.” —Downtown Express