Seen & Heard: Progress in the Former Naked Lunch Space

••• Matthew sent over A Tribe Called Quest’s 1993 video for “Electric Relaxation”; go to 1:40 to see the parts shot inside (and outside) the Square Diner. Reminds me of a travel story I edited once; it was a road trip around Navajo Nation, so naturally we titled it “A Quest Called Tribe.” I don’t know if many folks got it….

••• There are flyers on lower W. Broadway for a shoot tomorrow for “Atel.” Nothing online about what that might be. I’ll ask @OLV. UPDATE: Probably a commercial.

••• Looks like work is finally progressing at the former Naked Lunch space at Thompson and Grand. Back in the summer of 2014 the word was that it’ll be the Regent Cocktail Club from LDV Hospitality. Oddly, the Department of Buildings permit says the work is at the “existing first floor retail store (deli/grocery).”

Naked Lunch••• Another vacate order from the DOB; this one is for the rear yard (?) at 8 Thomas, the cute building next to McDonald’s.

8 Thomas••• From the Financial District Neighborhood Association: “An extraordinary master plan for reclaiming FiDi’s streets and sidewalks is here—it’s called Make Way for Lower Manhattan. The plan will help the FiDi neighborhood to reclaim our streets and sidewalks from overbearing traffic, competition for sidewalk space, and of course, piled-up garbage blocking access and progress. Learn more about this exciting plan from its chief architect, Kate Ascher, and show your support directly to City officials who will be in attendance at the upcoming meeting this Thursday, April 14, at 6:30 p.m. at Maiden Lane Hospitality Group, 180 Maiden Lane.”

••• Enamored of the Robert Janz sculpture in a window at Joseph Carini Carpets, I requested a studio visit, where I got to see a wonderful menagerie of animal sculptures. You’ll have to come to my place to see which one I bought, but here are three of the runners-up.

Robert Janz coyoteRobert Janz yakRobert Janz cat



  1. There are ~3 new sculptures in Foley squares.

  2. does anyone besides me remember a spike lee music video that was shot at square diner in the ’90s? can’t remember the song or the band…