In the News: Sales Troubles at the Woolworth Building Condos

••• A New York City employee who worked in the Municipal Building was arrested for selling drugs under the building’s arches and “at a subway station in Lower Manhattan.” —New York Times

••• “A Broadsheet Q&A with Working Families Party Candidate Yuh-Line Niou” includes this about Tribeca: “I’m concerned for the soul of Tribeca, as it’s mirroring neighboring Greenwich Village in a variety of ways. Once a hotbed for artists, small business owners, and a host of other community players, there are now many efforts to essentially ‘suburbanize’ the area, with an onslaught of banks and chain stores replacing mom-and-pop shops, while artists and other creative entrepreneurs are increasingly getting priced out. We need to eliminate the red tape so small businesses can move freely and continue to thrive in their current locations. Big banks, needless to say, have attorneys and a host of other professionals whose job it is to out-maneuver community members. We need tax credits for small businesses to stay put, and increase affordability in Lower Manhattan.” Also, she was endorsed by Daniel Squadron.

••• A short story about a man who thinks that New Yorkers—and Tribecans in particular—have become too soft, so he decides to mug one (a block from the precinct house). Personally, I’d rather be soft than amoral. —Pinball

••• The Woolworth Building condos are having sales troubles. —Real Deal


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  1. I’m reminded that the Municipal Building was the site of major drug criminality in the film “Leon: The Professional” with Jean Reno, Natalie Portman, and Gary Oldman. The 1994 film has Oldman marching into the building with his henchman, excessively armed with all sorts of huge, powerful weapons hidden beneath their coats.