Kiki de Montparnasse Has Closed

Kiki de Montparnasse mannequinKiki de Montparnasse, the lingerie store that moved from Soho to 102 Franklin in February, has closed. What’s more, the entire brand appears to be kaput: The phone at the L.A. store is out of service; the Las Vegas phone rings and rings; emails bounce back; and the Facebook page “is not available right now.” I’m heading up toward Franklin now; will add a photo of the closed store later.

UPDATE: There’s a curtain in the window (hard to tell in the photo below) and burlap draped behind the door (with clearly an empty room behind it).

102 Franklin 102 Franklin behind curtain



  1. I saw them closing shop this morning!

  2. I can’t imagine it having a broad clientele. I wandered into the store on Soho one day. It should have been called Kinky de Montparnasse.

    • Janet, believe it or not, not everyone is as big a prude as you and aren’t ashamed to buy high end lingerie and such. Grow up.

      • That’s store wasn’t that Kinky – it was very classy, with some really high priced items. I loved browsing there. I also loved that it was RIGHT next door to a children’s clothing store!

      • Oh, Jesse–get over yourself and be nice. It was kind of a joke. But any panties that have a hole in the crotch aren’t mainstream. What a grouch.

        • Janet, by “not mainstream” you mean Victoria’s Secret or Target doesn’t offer them? Branch out, it is perfectly normal and is called “overt”. Other’s with broad product depth of overt’s are Agent Provocateur, La Perla, and pretty much any high end lingerie store. I’m not sure what the “get over yourself” comment is about given the fact that you are the one passing all the judgement here effectively calling anyone who would shop there perverts. The attitude comes across as uncultured, naïve, and judgmental over friggin underwear…

  3. There are still plenty of places to shop in Tribeca. ;)

  4. The Melrose Place and Vegas stores shut down on April 1st. The store manager showed up for work at her Melrose Place store on the first and the locks were changed with no heads up from corporate. This indicates to me they stopped paying rent at both locations in January and were evicted at the 90 day mark. The phone numbers at all 3 stores are disconnected. The New York store managed the 50% off sale for a week before shutting down itself. I’m sad to see them go. They didn’t have as broad a line as Agent Provocateur and weren’t anywhere near as quick on releasing new items but what they did have was top quality.

  5. How am I supposed to redeem my merchant credit…
    Are there plans to reopen?

  6. I know this is a bit late, but was just checking up on
    “Kiki” with hopes high on word of a return. I loved this store, I looked forward to spending time and money there.It was tasteful, saucy, and fun . Don’t have many places to turn for elegant lingerie with a twist.

  7. I too am sad that KIKI DM closed! Loved that place. My go-to now is Fleur Du Mal. A different vibe, but really great pieces.