Seen & Heard: Grand Banks Opened Early

••• Grand Banks opened early, but it’s only serving drinks till May. Below: The Island Old Fashioned, made with aged rum, Velvet Falernum—great drag name!—cane sugar, Angostura bitters.

••• A reader noticed that the dreaded bus bulb on Broadway between Franklin and White is being rebuilt; I believe it was taken away during the construction of the Franklin Place condo. The Department of Transportation’s theory is that is buses don’t have to pull in and out of traffic to pick up and drop off passengers, traffic will flow more smoothly. That may be true—if no one ever double-parks across from it.

Broadway bus bulb••• The discussion about parking at 70 Vestry—and the interesting layout of the driveways/entrance—made me stop for another look at the model in the sales office on Greenwich. You can see the driveway entrance in the first one; it’s a porte cochère. The second photo gives a sense of the courtyard.

70 Vestry model2••• The plaza outside 7 World Trade Center—officially called Silverstein Family Park—got its replacement trees.

7 World Trade Center plaza trees••• I heard back from the Five Boro Bike Tour organizers about street closures for the event (on May 1), but they don’t seem know which side streets will be affected:

Due to street closures, traffic flow will be impacted. 32,000 cyclists will ride through the following streets, which will be closed to vehicular traffic, between the hours of 4:30 AM and 11:00 AM:

The Start formation, at Church Street and Franklin Street, will begin at 4:30 AM and clear by 10:30 AM. Riders will line up on the following streets during this time.

—Church Street and Trinity Place between Battery Place and Canal Street
—Washington St between Morris St and Battery Place

The Tour will travel north from Franklin Street starting at 7:30 AM and the following streets in Lower Manhattan will be closed between the hours of 6:30 AM and 11:00 AM.

—Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave) Between Franklin St and Central Park South.

Please Note: Streets immediately adjacent to the TD Five Boro Bike Tour starting area and route may be closed, and crossings of the Tour route will be limited and subject to delays.

••• The boiler vent at Tribeca Tower is still making that horrible loud drone. Too bad, because the plaza is pretty with all the tulips.

Tribeca Tower plaza boiler vent