Bartender Accuses Club Remix of Hosting Sex Parties

According to the New York Post, a bartender at Club Remix on Park Place is accusing the establishment of forcing her to serve drinks at weekly “sex parties.” A Remix employee for 14 years, Jamilya Bliss says “the sex didn’t become openly rampant until about four years ago.” Some of the better details:

“It’s right out in the open,’ Jamilya Bliss told The Post of Club Remix. Bliss is suing the Park Place club and its boss, Panagiotis Kotsonis, for subjecting her ‘to nudity, prostitution, and people performing sexual acts in her presence’ while she poured drinks at the ground-floor dance club. […] She usually worked in the outer bar area, while patrons got randy in a second room. ‘If anyone wants to come to the bathroom, to exit or get a drink, if they’re naked, they just come out,’ she recalled. ‘It got so comfortable, everything was out in the open, in the bar, on the dance floor.’ […] Her first sex shock came during what she thought was a pajama party.”

The last we heard about Club Remix, it was rumored that New York Dolls was moving there.