A Gallery Is Opening on N. Moore

9 NMooreSAPAR Contemporary Gallery + Incubator is opening at 9 N. Moore. From the website:

SAPAR Contemporary artists span three generations and five continents. They engage in global conversations and develop vocabularies that resonate as strongly in Mumbai, Almaty and Istanbul as they do in New York, Berlin and Mexico City. Their artistic practices vary from meditative traditional ink painting to writing programming code; what connects them are the artists’ capacity for empathy, insight, and imagination, their whimsy and generosity of spirit, as well as the rigor and depth of their studio practice. SAPAR Contemporary Gallery + Incubator program, residencies and group shows offer a unique lens that is immediate and global, future-oriented and accessible, multi-sensory and immersive. The gallery program aspires to bring together visual artists and creative minds of all disciplines: scientists, engineers, architects, performers, musicians and perfumers.

There’s an opening on May 12 (6-8 p.m.) to which we’re all invited. More when the space is ready…. And here are works by three artists represented by SAPAR: Mehmet Ali Uysal, Faig Ahmed, and Gabriela Albergaria, respectively.