Seen & Heard: Franklin Street Flea Market

••• The wonderful terra cotta sign at 135 Hudson is getting rehabilitated. I asked if that meant they’d replace what’s missing (the forehead of the face at the top, for instance), and they said no. Daytonian in Manhattan delved into the history of the building a couple of years ago.

••• Great news: Tribeca’s Kitchen reopened this morning (after a gas leak in the building).

••• Kyle Wittels, the founder of All Good Things, says there’s going to be a flea market this Friday through Sunday (April 23-24) at 102 Franklin: “The vendors are mostly local Tribecans JP Williams, Koji Kusabe, Andy Spade, Post Overalls, Grown & Sewn, and myself. We will be selling clothes, furniture, lighting, store fixtures. Vintage, Collectibles and New.” It’s noon to 6 p.m. UPDATE 4/22: The organizers changed their mind, and it’s now only Saturday and Sunday.

••• Meanwhile, today at 102 Franklin: Zadig & Voltaire sample sale. (Yesterday was the private first-look.)

Zadig and Voltaire sample sale••• Just a reminder—or warning, depending on your point of view—that the Tribeca Film Festival Street Fair is this Saturday, on Greenwich and many adjacent side streets. There are links here to the attractions, vendors, performers, etc. Search out the locals!

••• Speaking of the Tribeca Film Festival, I’ve emailed two PR reps to find out why there are no Drive-In screenings outside Brookfield Place this year. No response yet.

••• Work is happening at City Vineyard at Pier 26! Saw it with my own eyes!

••• And the final floor of 56 Leonard (not counting the lowest floors) is finally getting its glass. Man, are those rectangular windows ugly.

56 Leonard



  1. I just can’t get over what an eye sore 56 Leonard is. Ugh.

  2. Perhaps the large white rabbits did not want to hop out of the way for the Tribeca Film Festival to make room for the Drive-In screen at the Brookfield Place Plaza.

  3. Reminder: The Tribeca Family Festival starts closing down local streets early on Friday and rush hour(s) becomes a royal nightmare. With everyone trying to get out of town for public school Spring Break and Passover I predict mayhem.

  4. Yes, the street fair is mayhem. Every year I pack a picnic and a bunch of relevant books and essays (e.g., “Reflections on Exile” by Edward Said; “The Long Exile” by Tolstoy; “Walking in the City” by M. Certeau; “Walking” by Thoreau; The Walk by R. Walser; The Flaneur by Edmund White; A Philosophy of Walking by Frederic Gros; A Walker in the City by Alfred Kazin; Reveries of a Solitary Walker by JJ Rousseau; The Walk by JC Robinson; The Other Walk by Sven Birkerts; Wandering by H. Hesse. My favorite is Basho’s Narrow Road to the Interior. Thus armed, I decamp for the day with the dogs, either south to Battery Park or north to the Chelsea Piers.