In the News: Tribeca Deal Lands Mayor in Hot Water

100 Franklin rendering courtesy DDG••• The New York Daily News explains the hot water Bill de Blasio is in, with a Tribeca example: “A key focus [of the city and federal investigations] is the Campaign for One New York, set up by de Blasio a month before he took office. Since he’s become mayor, the group has collected $4 million to support his pet causes such as universal pre-K and affordable housing. Much of that has come from big developers and lobbyists writing big checks at the same time they’re seeking zoning changes or tax breaks. The News found at least 40 checks from developers with business before the city—and several giving amounts ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 either right before or soon after requesting—or in some cases receiving—favors from City Hall. […] Take developer Joe McMillan, who last year proposed building a luxury condo on a sliver of highly valuable property in upscale Tribeca [100 Franklin, rendered above]. […] To alter zoning, builders must show they face a hardship they can’t overcome without the change. […] McMillan’s company, DDG Partners, hired Kramer Levin, the lobbyist law firm that includes as a partner Barry Berke, de Blasio’s former campaign treasurer. Kramer Levin reported lobbying the mayor’s office and the Board of Standards and Appeals for DDG. The board approved everything they requested, allowing DDG to build 10 luxury condo units with retail space in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods. In records, McMillan estimates his profits at $7 million. Standards & Appeals granted DDG’s zoning change June 23. Eight days later, one of DDG’s limited affiliates donated $10,000 to Campaign for One New York.”

••• “One-percenters living in the Financial District have the highest taxable income, the biggest tax bills and get the largest refunds in New York City, according to an analysis of the latest IRS data available. […] The snapshot of 2013 federal tax data by ZIP code […] showed that FiDi’s 10005 ZIP code was the city’s richest—with residents averaging $948,979 in annual taxable income. They paid an average of $254,835 in taxes and received a refund from Uncle Sam of $74,079. […] The next wealthiest nabes were the Upper East Side’s 10022 ($522,181), Tribeca’s 10007 ($501,094), the Upper East Side’s 10021 ($497,786) and the Upper West Side’s 10069 ($479,819).” It seems highly unlikely that the average taxable income in 10005 was nearly double that of the next highest zip code. —New York Post

••• “More than four months after the Battery Park City Authority said that the long-delayed West Thames pedestrian bridge project was ‘entering the build phase, and five months after the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation said work would begin ‘in late winter,’ construction has not yet started, and no date for commencing work has been announced.” —Broadsheet

••• “How the Artist Daniel Arsham Spends His Sundays”; he lives in Battery Park City. —New York Times

••• More on the 60-story condo planned for 161 Maiden Lane, to be known during sales as 1 Seaport. The rendering is a triumph in making it appear as if the building will have no impact at all. —New York Times



  1. Regarding Fidi … I find it unlikely at best that they would only pay ($254k-$74k (refund))/ 949K = 19% in taxes…
    I would bet it’s a typo and the correct number is probably $548K-$575k income?
    Perhaps the top line is right and the bottom are wrong too…

    The numbers in general do not seem to be reliable :)

  2. Mayor Dum Dum has to go. Since he became mayor the city is full of crime. cops have no respect for him after the statements he made about them. Now this!! He is a disgrace! Impeach him!

    • i like the mayor. he’s gotten us universal pre-k and free after-school programs. the crime statistic issue is very debatable. and i would say the police have created their own problems. it’s nice to have a mayor who cares about working people for a change.

    • Your name here is “Tribeca Original”, but if you’re saying you think that the city is rife with crime since this mayor took the helm I have to question your experience. The cops show of disrespect is orchestrated. It’s politics, and it’s about future contract negotiation (and it has been very effective). Finally, this mayor’s involvement with the real estate industry is a toe-dip in the ocean that was Michael Bloomberg’s, for whatever that resulted in. But that it’s part of being mayor of this city isn’t news, just politics as usual, it would appear. That this is being used as a club shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s Gangs of New York.

  3. Settle down TriBeCa Original. You should like an hysterical nut. Oh the drama, the drama.

  4. I live in the city all of my life. When the city was not a safe place to live. I and others like myself see the change. Oh, Oh I’m hysterical! really? how long you live here 5 years? please

  5. If the mayor cared so much for working class people there would be laws about controlling rents for Mom and Pop stores that are going out all around us. The mayor is a hypocrite.

  6. the mayor is worst then Dinkins!

  7. The problem with this mayor is chronic and we have only touched the surface…! I moved to the city in 1963 and have been here since. This guy is worse than Dinkins and Beame.