Seen & Heard: Le District vs. Buvette?

••• The townhouse at 27 Harrison is back on the market (for $8.75 million) three years after it was last sold (for $4.25 million). There’s more on that row of houses here. UPDATE: “If you check Streeteasy carefully,” emails a reader, “you’ll see that it’s actually 27A Harrison that’s on the market. 27 Harrison is the one next door which sold for the $4.5MM.”

••• I ended up asking four reps for the Tribeca Film Festival why there were no Drive-In screenings this year and whether they might return next year, but I never received a response. My guess is that Brookfield Place wanted money (or more of it). At least we got the street fair…. The Spam food truck was a new high or low, depending on your point of view.

••• Le District has redacted the word “Buvette” from its signage. Wonder if it ran into trouble with the West Village restaurant by that name….

Le District sans Buvette••• The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Open Studios event at 28 Liberty is next weekend (April 29 and 30): “Audiences are welcome to wander around LMCC’s expansive studio space, where they can experience a variety of completed and in-progress projects including paintings, sketches, photographs, sculptures, videos, works of poetry, dances, plays, and much more. All works have been created by 31 LMCC Workspace artists-in-residence, who have been working in the space since September 2015. The two-day event closes on Saturday with Open Texts, readings of short stories, novel excerpts, and other writings that artists have created during their residencies. Please note: some works may include sensitive material.”

••• Poets House‘s annual walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is June 13. Bill Murray often attends.

••• Opening May 6 at hpgrp Gallery: “Here and There, a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Yasuo Nomura. Nomura’s body of work enquires into the very essence of pictorial beauty by employing topics from religion, science as well as, in recent years, mathematical elements such as prime numbers and the golden ratio. In this exhibition, he took on the hefty challenge of merging universal themes from mathematics, physics and art, which served him as inspiration for a very distinct and novel collection of paintings.”

by Yasuo Nomura