The Doors of Tribeca

A few weeks ago, I started taking photos of Tribeca doors, because I find them appealing and also probably because they suit the square format of Instagram. (I’m old-school square all the way.) Soon, I couldn’t stop: This neighborhood has so many good ones! I’m especially drawn to doors that show the scars of life, although I suspect they should be added to the endangered list. I shot all of these with my phone, for consistency’s sake, and I drew the line at fifty sixty.



  1. I heart this post!

  2. Tribeca’s version of the gorgeous doorways of Dublin!

  3. You’ve included many of my favorites! As one who takes (and posts) similar photographs, trust me – you won’t be able to stop.

  4. Honored that mine is included! Nice post!

  5. I’ve started to do this too. It’s an obsession. And a much better use of a walk than staring at a phone.

  6. 2 adoor or not 2 adoor, that is the open ?

  7. Amazing!!

  8. I am fascinated with doors everywhere I travel.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love love love this! Have taken door shots in many cities, have never even thought to do in my own hood – weekend goals