Seen & Heard: Chivalry at Kings Pharmacy

••• One Medical Group confirmed its new Tribeca office.

One Medical Group Tribeca signage••• “I joked about sending this to you,” emailed J., “and more than a few friends seriously said I should. So, this is ridiculous, but here goes…. Big news for us neighborhood ladies: Today Kings Pharmacy has officially moved the location of the feminine hygiene products! Now, why is this news you ask? Let me tell you…. Prior to this switch, there has not been a woman in the neighborhood who hasn’t had to endure the embarrassment of having to ask the stock boys to move out of the way so that she could reach the tampons! (The feminine products were to the left of the pharmacy, by the copier, where the stock boys would congregate as they unload new merchandise.) At my suggestion, Kings owner Alan Solmon swapped the women’s products with the footcare and now we can get our girly bits taken care of without that awkward moment with the young guys working there. Having never realized this was an issue before, Alan is actually pretty excited about the change, and grateful for the insight. So, see, at least there are some small businesses left in Tribeca making it work, and here’s a perfect example of why we need to support them. Would this have happened at Duane Reade? I don’t think so!” (For the record: J.’s friends were right. This is the kind of thing I love.)

Kings Pharmacy (1)••• The Wooly Daily is now serving sandwiches and bowls.

The Wooly food menu••• Let’s hope the A/C/E subway entrance at the northeast corner of Chambers and Church reopens before Monday, when the one at the southwest corner closes.

ACE subway entrance NE corner Chamberrs Church••• Susan Litman spotted Prince glyphiti on Greenwich. I can’t imagine another celebrity’s death affecting me more. The Wall Street Journal ran a list of “essential Prince songs” that was so weak—”Batdance”?!—I had no choice but to draw up a list of songs that you can and should buy from iTunes. I like “1999” and “Let’s Go Crazy” as much as anyone, but the glory of Prince was that he created hundreds of amazing songs. I put an asterisk next to the 15 I think you especially need. If you don’t want to deal with buying songs individually, buy The Hits/The B-Sides; Prince’s B-sides are among his best songs, goofy and sexy and entirely irresistible.

Alphabet St.
The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
*The Beautiful Ones
Black Sweat
Breakfast Can Wait
Dirty Mind
*Erotic City
Feel U Up
*Gett Off
Girls & Boys
Good Love (“Bright Lights Big City” soundtrack)
Horny Toad
*How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore
I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
*I Wanna Be Your Lover
*If I Was Your Girlfriend
Incense and Candles
International Lover
*Irresistible Bitch
Joy in Repetition
Let’s Pretend We’re Married
Love Song (technically by Madonna)
Love 2 the 9’s
Lovesexy (only available as part of the album of the same name)
New Position
Paisley Park
*Pink Cashmere
*Pop Life
*Raspberry Beret
*17 Days
Sexy M.F.
*Starfish and Coffee
Strange Relationship
Take Me With U
Thieves in the Temple (Remix Version)
200 Balloons
*When You Were Mine

P.S. There are many more that aren’t on iTunes.