Gee Whiz Diner Is Downsizing

Gee Whiz DinerFaced with an increase in rent and wages, Gee Whiz Diner is making like James Franco in 127 Hours and cutting off part of itself in order to survive. The half along Greenwich remains Gee Whiz Diner; the Warren side will become something else. (The division is already happening.) While dispiriting, the news isn’t as bad as it might have been, given the challenges that inexpensive restaurants face around here.

Gee Whiz Diner division



  1. what ashame! terrible what is going on. There should be certain laws for landlords. No more mom and pop working classes places around the city. No one can afford to live or have a business here. Its terrible.

  2. That place is so crowded no one goes there anymore!

    I love Gee Whiz, but what kind of laws would you suggest for landlords? Gee Whiz has been there for 20+ years? Things change and rents go up. I’m happy they found a way to stay.

  3. I’ve lived in London for ten years and every time I go back to Tribeca it’s two eggs with cheese and bacon at Gee Whiz! Glad they were able to sell part off to survive.