Seen & Heard: Trump Hands

••• Gotta love the Balloon Saloon. Thanks to G. for the pic!

••• A reminder that the Five Boro Bike Tour is this Sunday. “No parking” signs are up all down Church Street. Be careful if you go out Sunday morning: The 32,000 cyclists use the event as excuse to ride against traffic, on sidewalks, and so on. Also, from the community notice: “Building occupants and employees in all affected areas are encouraged to carry identification at all times.” (Am I the only one who finds this kind of thing outrageous? What, are they going to ask to see my papers?)

No parking sign••• The construction crews for the hotel at 456 Greenwich are taking over an awful lot of Desbrosses.

456 Greenwich copnstruction street Desbrosses••• J. sends word that the demolition of the exterior at 351-355 Broadway is finally underway. That’s where Toll Brothers plans to put a 19-story building (with entrance on Leonard). No rendering yet, but I expect one will surface soon.

351 Broadway demolition••• Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer released the list of Community Board members for the 2016-2018 term. Here’s CB1 (and I assume the names in green are new):

New Community Board 1 members••• Opening May 18 at Taymour Grahne Gallery: “Bread and Circuses, a solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Héctor Arce-Espasas. This new body of work, which includes ceramics and paintings, explores themes of historicity, cultural identity, and colonialism.” Also: “Sometimes, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Helsinki-based artist Fanny Tavastila. The artist’s process is intuitive, consequently tending towards the abstract. Free flowing and unrestrained, this process simultaneously gives rise to new forms while obscuring others.” Below: Tavastila’s “Behind the Night.”

Fanny Tavastila, Behind the Night