In the News: Cadillac Is Opening a Café

••• The New York Times review of Yarn/Wire’s premiere of composer Michael Gordon’s “Material” says that Gordon “was inspired by the construction noise outside his home in Tribeca.” It sounds neat: He “came up with an uncommonly elegant and visually mesmerizing arrangement: a single piano, played, plucked, strummed and struck by eight hands.”

••• No more rumble: “Paul Hovitz, a one-time contender in the upcoming race to replace Catherine McVay Hughes as head of Community Board 1, announced his decision to drop out of the hotly anticipated contest this week, opting instead to run for vice chairman on a unity ticket with his former opponent, Anthony Notaro.” —Downtown Express

••• Cadillac is opening a café at 330 Hudson: “Cadillac House, is a coffee shop/retail boutique with an art gallery twist and even a bespoke scent. […] The 12,000-square-foot space is located on the ground floor of the company’s New York office and will open to the public on June 2. […] Visionaire, the creative firm and magazine, will curate an exhibit at Cadillac House each quarter; the fashion brand Timo Weiland will sell clothing in a pop-up shop; 12.29, which scented [that’s a verb?] shows for Rodarte and Lady Gaga, is concocting a signature ‘Cadillac’ fragrance for the room. New York’s Joe Coffee is providing the beans.” Bloomberg says it’s “just above Canal” but it’s actually between Charlton and Vandam.

Cadillac House rendering