Seen & Heard: Update on the Beekman Hotel and Restaurants

••• In response to Brad’s request for an update on the Beekman hotel and its restaurants, I checked in with the reps, who said, “The hotel and the restaurants will open at the same time in the summer. We can’t give you an exact date at the moment as construction has been a moving target.”

••• Soho Photo‘s June shows (opening June 8) include Stuart Zalka’s “July/December” and Irene Imfeld’s “Vacant Nests.” The description of the former: “Walking up the block toward home in Brooklyn in 2015, I stopped to pick up an autumn leaf. In July. The leaf was brittle and brown along its top third, while the lush green living part seemed to be engaged in a fighting retreat toward the stem. There was no question about the ultimate outcome.” And the latter: “From Berkeley, CA Irene Imfeld’s award-winning extreme close-up views of small birds acquire an abstract quality while showing their exquisite natural form and the fine details of their anatomy.”

••• Shakespeare Downtown will perform Romeo and Juliet at Castle Clinton from June 7 to June 25.

••• La Colombe is opening at 154 Prince. And when I Googled to make sure I had the address right, I saw that James Perse has rented 4,370 square feet at 285 Spring (between Hudson and Varick). Last bit of Soho retail news: Olive’s is moving from Prince to, I think, Sullivan St.

••• Soho Square is getting new seating.

Soho Square



  1. Olive’s is already open on Prince and Sullivan in the old Alotta’s Pizza spot.

  2. I walk past the Beekman several times a week and I find it comical to see these restaurants always listed in spring previews. That place is under heavy construction. They were never going to open in the spring! I doubt they will open in the summer either (once you get into August no one will be opening with everyone out of town). My guess is sometime in the fall… at the earliest. “Moving target”! How quaint a euphemism for contractors are screwing us…