Seen & Heard: Visit the Ninja Turtles’ Tribeca Lair

••• Love this: “Liquor Store: Tribeca” by Mike Williams.

Liquor Store Tribeca by Mike Williams mikewilliams_nyc••• While at dinner at Racines NY last night, I found out that the restaurant will be among the first-timers at Taste of Tribeca on Saturday. It’ll be serving its dish of sautéed squid with fennel, preserved lemon, and chorizo.

••• The website for CC June Design has a page devoted to the Matt Abramcyk/Akiva Elstein restaurant coming to 385 Greenwich, where Ivy’s Bistro was. It says the restaurant will open this summer and includes these drawings.

385 Greenwich drawing385 Greenwich drawing2385 Greenwich drawing3••• Technically this belongs in the next “In the News” roundup, but that’s not happening till tomorrow, and time is of the essence. “Airbnb teamed up with Paramount and [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2] to offer the ultimate experience to fans,” reports Stuff Fly People Like. “Airbnb is offering fans the opportunity to kick it at the private Turtle Lair located in Tribeca NYC and live like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For just 10 bucks you get to enjoy all of the activities the Ninja Turtles would enjoy while utilizing some well deserved down time from kicking the Shredder’s butt all over NYC. Upstairs there is a gaming station where visitors can play the latest TMNT video game on XBOX ONE or if you’re a musician or just for hell of if you can have a jam session with friends using the guitar and drum set that is set up for your enjoyment. Once you are done having fun upstairs you can head downstairs where this a glow in the dark basketball hoop, an original Ninja Turtles coin-op arcade machine, mini dojo to workout, full size television with an X-BOX 360 hooked up to it. Now of course there is food of course, you will be treated to free pizza delivery.” There’s more at the SFPL post. Reserve your slot now, dork. The $10 fee is refunded once you show up.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tribeca lair