Seen & Heard: By Chloe in Tribeca, Too?

••• If you’re one of the folks moving into 56 Leonard—hoist be damned!—it would be swell of you to have me over for a peek. I know I’ve had some reservations about the building in the past, but if you give me some advance notice, I can be open-minded.

••• Well, it looks like the restaurant at 11 Sixth Ave. won’t be called Empire Diner. But will it be called Pie Dine?

Empire Diner Pie Dine sign 11 Sixth Ave••• The next Tribeca Meet & Greet, organized by the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, is this upcoming Tuesday, May 24, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Double Knot rug store (19 White): “Everybody’s welcome and this is a free event. Come with ideas or just come to shake hands—let us know how we can work together as businesses, families or individuals.”

••• This is a total rumor, but I think it could have some substance. While discussing the news that the vegan fast-food chain By Chloe is opening in the Seaport District, someone on Twitter said that By Chloe is also opening in Tribeca. On one hand, he could’ve been talking about the outpost coming to Lafayette between Prince and Spring. On the other hand, and this is entirely conjecture, By Chloe is part of the company ESquared, which is also behind the Wayfarer brand, which appears to be stalled at 349 Greenwich (formerly Dean’s). Wouldn’t that be a spectacular spot for a By Chloe restaurant? P.S. I tried to go to the By Chloe on Bleecker today at 11:10 a.m. and all seats were already filled, with 15-20 more people waiting in line to order.

••• Those of us who’ve always wanted to visit Marseilles only to get denied by our significant others will want to know that Racines NY chef Frédéric Duca is planning a Marseilles dinner—he was born there—for this coming Tuesday. The $175 cost includes dinner, wine, tax, and tip. Menu here.

••• There’s work going on at the former smoke shop at 155 Chambers. (That’s an old photo.) Every time a small space comes open in this neighborhood, I convince myself that something interesting will open there….

Chamber Smoke Shop 155 Chambers


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  1. I love the Chambers St Smoke Shop sign – would really be nice if whatever goes in there preserves it or re-uses it. Gorgeous hand painted letters – so evocative of New York, disappearing so fast.