Seen & Heard: Schnippers Signage

••• Schnippers signage—tongue twister!—is up on Church between Murray and Park Place.

Schnippers••• An update on Wednesday’s post about Bar Works at 70 White: “A gentleman from Bar Works explained that the company is taking the entire building, with coworking offices on all of the upper floors and the restaurant/bar on the ground floor, which will be open to the public (although closed occasionally for member events). He said it’ll probably three to four months before the doors open.” The liquor license application has yet to come before Community Board 1, so that might be optimistic. UPDATE 5/23: Tad commented that this was the first any of the residents of 70 White had heard about it, so I contacted the Bar Works rep. He said that he was incorrect in our previous conversation, and that they’re not taking the whole building, just the ground floor. He also said the liquor license is in place, which means I must have missed that when it was discussed at CB1. (I didn’t see any record of it on the State Liquor Authority’s website, but that website is near impossible to search.)

Blues 380 Broadway 70 White••• I thought maybe the sign at Kung Fu Tea was supposed to say “milk shake”—hope springs eternal—but apparently milk strikes are a thing, even if I haven’t been able to find out exactly what type of thing. I guess it can wait till the place opens.

Kung Fu Tea Tribeca sign••• Something is opening in the former Mekong restaurant space at Sixth Ave. and King.

••• I was buying the amazing chocolate bark at Jacques Torres when I noticed workers in the part that used to be Jacques’s chocolate factory. A staffer said that it’ll be a (presumably unaffiliated) shop selling sandwiches and ice cream.

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  1. Schnipper’s should scratch your milkshake itch when it opens. IMHO, they’re better than Shake Shack and definitely more generous in their serving size for the money.

    • I don’t see how, in 2016, there’s much very exciting about the same junk food you can get at MacDonald’s or Burger King. The whole Shake Shack thing makes no sense to me. I mean, sure, it’s fancy deep-fried junk food…but it’s still deep-fried junk food.