Bangal Curry Has Closed

Bangal Curry 111 ChurchWhen I saw the gate down at Bangal Curry (111 Church) last week, I grew concerned; it seemed like the kind of place that’s open all the time. The gate was still down over the weekend, so I asked the shoe repair guy next door. He said the restaurant closed a week or so ago, due to a rent increase.

I believe it was there for around 20 years. There used to also be a Bengal Curry at 65 W. Broadway (most recently Saleya), but when I went to the one on Church in 2011, I was told that the two were not related.

bangal curry



  1. greedy landlords are killing Tribeca. This was my favorite
    take-out Indian and Tikki the server was very friendly.

  2. Hmmm…I hate to speak ill of the recently-close-by-a-rent-increase, but honestly, the food wasn’t very good the couple times I tried the place. I tried to give them a chance, but there were other, better options for cheap curry in the neighborhood.