In the News: The North Cove Marina Docks Are Now Off Limits

••• You really should read this ProPublica article on how real estate developers in Lower Manhattan got massive tax breaks without having to rent-stabilize the apartments. It’s pretty appalling. And anyone in the state assembly should be outraged that the bill they voted on wasn’t what ended up getting implemented because of a back-room deal between Rudy Giuliani and Joseph Bruno.

••• “The floating docks in North Cove Marina, which is legally mapped as parkland, have been encircled by newly installed metal gates with combination locks and are now off limits to the public. The gates, which were installed without any prior notice or public discussion, represent a significant change in the Marina’s management, because the floating docks had been accessible to the public for decades before the gates were installed, at the end of April.” —Broadsheet

••• The 9/11 Museum is starting a marketing campaign to try and persuade locals to visit. “Only 20% of [visitors] come from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, according to the museum.” —Wall Street Journal

••• The city says that the film Money Monster was good for FiDi. —New York Post

••• “Schilling, the new Austrian inspired restaurant from Michelin starred chef, Edi Frauneder, opens today, Monday at 109 Washington Street.” —FiDi Fan Page



  1. Hi Erik,

    I really don’t understand why Battery park seems to be run like a private fiefdom? What exactly is it about Battery Park which legally allows for these back room shenanigans?
    Am I missing something here.

  2. Ps put the gates on the boats where they truly belong! :)

  3. Are the gates closed and locked during the day?