Seen & Heard: New Indian Restaurant

••• The Aesop store at 138 W. Broadway is open; I’ve emailed to see if they’ll let me take photos of the bare-bones, but pretty, interior. In the meantime, you might be as surprised as I was to learn that the name is pronounced eee-sahp (which explains the macron over the e that I always thought was just a design doodad).

Aesop Tribeca••• After I posted about the 19 new buildings under construction in Tribeca, I realized I forgot one: 411-413 Broadway, at the southwest corner of Lispenard. Well, I thought, maybe nothing is going to happen there for a while. Wrong. Lot of digging has been going on, but there’s nothing yet in the Department of Buildings database.

411-413 Broadway at Lispenard••• The Indian restaurant at 10 Murray is called Aahar Indian Cuisine. No evidence of it online yet, but with that name, I’m guessing they’re hoping to show up high in listings.

••• “In my 35 years in Tribeca, I have only called 911 twice and both were this week,” reports a reader. Here’s what happened:

This is a note for our new residents who believe they live in the ever-safe, “gated community” of Tribeca. Tribeca is in the top 70% of safest neighborhoods in the country, but we still can’t disregard mental illness. Some of the most heinous crimes we have witnessed in America over the past decade are due to mental illness, a condition that doesn’t discriminate between rich or poor. The Tribeca incidents turned out to be relatively harmless, albeit scary. These men are not filthy, homeless vagabonds, they are people who look like you and me.

The first incident was in a nail salon one evening this week. A deranged gentleman walked in and refused to leave. The police were there in nanoseconds. This morning, my partner picked up our car at the garage and pulled up next to our building, waiting for me to come downstairs, absorbed in the New York Times. A white male, in his 30’s, with a backpack, opened the passenger door and climbed in. When asked what he was doing, he just stared. Roy jumped out of the car. After a while, the man came out of the car, but left his backpack and wandered back and forth over a two block period. We, along with nearby doormen, called 911 at least 10 times. The police finally arrived 30 minutes later. (Wonder if they discriminate that nothing that bad could be happening on a Saturday morning in Tribeca?) They handcuffed him and told us that he was mentally disturbed, disoriented and sobbing inconsolably and they were going to take him to Bellevue for evaluation.

Just a reminder that the homeless, by-and-large, are harmless and really don’t want our help (I have tried, endlessly to help the man who resides mostly on Desbrosses with zero success.) Meanwhile, the mentally ill will continue to do things to garner our attention, anywhere and everywhere. Let’s help these people—albeit carefully—get help before they choose to use a weapon to make us notice.

••• There was evidently an ad shoot on Greenwich near Whole Foods yesterday.

••• And there appears to be one for “Noble” on Greenwich today.

••• The 1st Precinct Community Council meeting is this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the precinct house. I wish someone would ask the NYPD to insist that the striking Verizon workers to lay off the air horns.

••• Another request for the NYPD: Signs like the one below would be infinitely more useful if they specified which Saturday. I spotted a bunch on Broadway, near Leonard, on Sunday morning. Was there a parade the day before that I missed? Is there one coming up? Who bloody knows?!

vague parade sign crop••• The Worth Street reconstruction is going to cause traffic jams all over the neighborhood—because the DDC is blocking major parts of both Broadway and Church at the same time. Anyway, here’s the DDC liaison’s contact info, if you have questions and/or concerns.

Worth Street reconstruction DDC liaison contact



  1. Regarding your Broadway/Leonard street closure sign. The NYC events website includes street closures sortable by date and time etc.

  2. Last week, there was a deranged man was swinging a piece of wood outside of 50 Murray St. After he hit a resident, the doorman came to the rescue and subdued the man until the police could arrive. The doorman sustained an injury to the head in the process.

  3. A few weeks ago I had to call the cops twice for the same deranged homeless man who was trashing the street and starting fights with inanimate objects. Not to sound NIMBY, but the past few months the homeless situation has gotten substantially worse in Tribeca.

  4. oh god – the airhorns! that can’t be legal? they were outside our building a few weeks ago blasting them while I was trying to load up my car and my 3 yr old (who was terrified). our doorman called 911 four times and it took them 3 hours to come- and then did nothing, of course.

    • yes! I operate a psychotherapy office across the street and I was calling 311 and actually filed a complaint with the NYPD about how long it took for a cop to arrive. Those air horns were a nightmare.

  5. More good news for our streets, sidewalks and doorways in the future. City Council to Reduce Penalties for Public Drinking, Urination and other infractions .

  6. There seems to be a kind of homeless encampment on Lispenard alongside the Post Office. I’ve seen some of the “residents” urinating in the parking lot (Broadway) as well.

  7. Why on earth would the penalties be reduced for those uncivilized behaviors?