SLT Is Opening Here

I hear that SLT—it stands for “strength, lengthen, tone”—is opening a studio in Tribeca, although I can only guess where at this point. The fitness company received a big investment recently, and according to Well + Good, “the funding will be used to expand in existing markets as well as brand-new ones in the Northeast (Hoboken, NJ, Greenwich, CT, and Bergen County, NJ), plus Florida, Philadelphia, and the UK.”

I know people who love SLT…. Adam made me try it once. All I remember is that the instructor had a rear-end fixation—there hasn’t been so much talk about my ass since I wore skin-tight gold pants one Halloween—and that I hurt for days.


SLT tweetI asked where exactly it will be; no response yet.

UPDATE #2: Teases.

SLT tweet2



  1. VERY excited about this! Please keep us updated!

  2. Have you heard anything new on this?

  3. Anyone know where this is going?