A New Yoga Studio on Duane

Bikram Yoga NYC’s plans for 158 Duane didn’t work out, but another yoga studio—Westchester-based YogaSpark—is taking the space, including the plans that Bikram Yoga NYC came up with. This will be YogaSpark’s first New York City studio. From the website:

At YogaSpark, every class is dynamic and fun. We play awesome music that you’ll want to move to. We know you’re busy, so we get you in and out in 60 minutes. You’ll stretch, sweat, and center, all in one class. You’ll be challenged, and yet the class will be accessible to you, no matter what “level” you think you’re at. Oh, and did we mention it’s fun? It is.

There are even classes in candlelight and, as you can see below, blacklight. More when it opens….

UPDATE: It’s shooting for a fall opening.

blacklight class courtesy YogaSpark158 Duane



  1. Hey TriBeCa! It’s your new neighbors, YogaSpark, and we are more than excited to spark up Duane Street. So get ready because we can’t wait to get sweaty with you!

  2. Bikram apparently never obtained a physical culture permit here from Board of Standards and Appeals.


    “A physical culture establishment, such as a health club, exercise business, or other business where people go for exercise or other physical activity. These businesses need a Special Permit from the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals to locate and operate in New York City. Dance and yoga studios may be exempt from these regulations.

    “A permit takes 4-6 months to be processed. Permits are valid for up to ten years, after which they must be renewed. See more regarding exemptions using the link ‘Exemptions for Select Yoga Studios.'”

    Are the new people planning to open this fall by operating the yoga studio pursuant to the exemption in Buildings Bulletin 2013-010?

    “no more than one student instruction area, with an open floor plan arrangement. This instruction area shall not exceed 1500 square feet. […] , and may at no time have an occupancy capacity that exceeds 74 persons, including the staff and instructors.
     There shall be no accessory showers or bathtubs to the establishment. No showers or bathtubs
    shall be installed nor utilized by the establishment’s staff or students in the yoga studio or in any other portion of the building.”