Seen & Heard: Kung Fu Tea Is Open

••• Kung Fu Tea at Greenwich and Reade is open. It was packed with Stuyvesant students yesterday afternoon, so I’ll try to go by this morning for a New Kid on the Block post. UPDATE: It’s soft-opened for now, with mostly only drinks. Full report to come after the grand opening on June 9.

Kung Fu Tea Tribeca••• Signage for Hank’s Juicy Beef just went up. Hank says they’re shooting for a late-June opening.

Hanks Juicy Beef••• After it became clear that Manhattan Beauty Supply was closing, I asked the guy working at the souvenir kiosk if he was closing, too, and he said no. But I don’t think it’s been open recently.

••• Dance with Miss Rachel confirmed the move to 19 Warren. The new studio will open in September.

••• Opening June 2 at Apexart: “The bilingual (English and Spanish) group exhibition Fencing in Democracy brings together work by artists, activists, architects, and anthropologists who have created alternative designs for the US-Mexico border wall, opposed its construction, and/or portrayed its impacts and on border life and culture. The exhibit explores what it means to fence in, or enclose, democracy.”

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  1. I wish any local business well, but when I walked into Kung Fu Tea to ask if they had any substitutions for Milk ( being lactose intolerant) they said they just have Milk and Milk powder. I am dissapointed they can’t accommodate to people who can’t have dairy or who are also vegans, given that Tribeca seems to have a high concentration of those people. Anyhow, not too late to suggest an Almond milk or Coconut milk substitution?! Wondering if anyone else has the same issue with the amount of places in the area that cater to allergies, or intolerances, or lifestyles…..

  2. In a world obsessed with cheese, I wish businesses would realize how prevalent lactose intolerance is. Going out to dinner, or for treats, has become a real problem. Some places will provide substitutions but many won’t. After an all cheese international flight, I learned that there is no Federal requirement for lactose free meals on flights. And you really, really, don’t want airline Vegan food.

    What is especially frustrating is that lactose intolerance is real and common, while many people who avoid gluten believe they are intolerant, but are not Celiac (I can hear the outraged comments about intolerance now).

    Obviously, my comments apply to cream and milk.

    • I agree – went to a restaurant that had cheese in every single appetizer – that nice, fresh mozzarella that, if eaten, would make someone lactose intolerant sick before they left the restaurant. There is nothing wrong with keeping things simple and delicious, and making food that everyone can eat. Both Celiac and lactose intolerance are serious issues, and those of us who suffer REALLY suffer.