Seen & Heard: Pure Barre Opens Tomorrow

••• From the new Pure Barre studio on Reade: “Our soft opening is Wednesday through Friday and we will be offering complimentary classes on all three of those days. The full schedule is up online and sign up is available.”

••• Local novelist Peter Moore Smith is releasing his new novel, Little Voices, in free installments starting June 1. To subscribe, email or follow him on Facebook. Anyone who starts in the middle and wants to catch up will find all the chapters here. An excerpt:

Corpses (yes!) are found in this city all the time. They turn up in vacant lots, hacked to bits, crammed into suitcases. Shot, stabbed, decapitated, they’re discovered at bus stops, on park benches, in subway cars. It’s not unusual to read about a dead body lying on a sidewalk for an entire weekend before the smell of decomposition becomes overwhelming and someone calls the authorities.

It is extremely unusual, however, for a dead body to find it’s way to my (our) neighborhood. The streets of Tribeca are increasingly well populated and thoroughly patrolled by the most efficient police force in the country (but there she is) (beautiful) (blue skinned) (cold as stone). What makes this one even more unusual is that it was discovered in Rockefeller Park, which is monitored by private security.

••• Remember last week’s Where in Tribeca…?, the one with the triangular drainage grate? Now you know where it is.

where in tribeca triangle drain answer••• June 11 on Pier 26: “The 20th annual Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge, hosted by New York Outrigger [with] a Polynesian festival complete with authentic music and dance, lei making, hula lessons, and local food trucks [along with] the largest outdoor regatta on the east coast. Watch nearly 550 athletes from Hawaii to Hong Kong race outrigger canoes on a 15-mile course, navigating complicated currents and heavy traffic. Plus: The event will culminate with a traditional Hawaiian luau from 6-9 p.m.” It’s free.

••• “Thought you would get a kick out of Serafina’s misspelling of Reade if you hadn’t seen it yet,” says J. That’s just the tip of the iceberg….

Serafina screengrab



  1. re the serafina page. I read that as.. just two blocks away from the New World. Stop. Financial Center. Stop.