Seen & Heard: Weekend Lunch at Café Altro Paradiso

••• From Café Altro Paradiso: “This weekend, we’ll begin serving lunch on Saturdays and Sundays at Café Altro Paradiso. The menu will match the spirit of dinner, with fresh pastas and seafood, as well as a few additions we’ve been working on, like cherry tomato-and-burrata bruschetta and uovo fritta con bottarga with parsley and caper salad.” The room must be pretty during the day….

••• “Not sure what it means (if anything),” emailed B., “but a ‘For Rent’ sign has been plastered on the awning of the former Tara of Tribeca. Perhaps the Raccoon crew have dropped their bid to move there in light of the overwhelming opposition?” Perhaps…. Anyone know anything?

••• The scuttlebutt on the street is that Serafina postponed its Community Board 1 liquor-license hearing again. I emailed CB1 to see if that’s so. UDPATE: Yep, CB1 confirmed that it was pushed to July’s meeting.

••• From the Lilac: “Linked Dance Theatre will stage ‘Soul of the Sea,’ a site-specific immersive dance performance on board the museum ship Lilac from June 7 to 11. “Soul of the Sea” is an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Fisherman and His Soul.’ Wilde’s short story tells of a fisherman who falls in love with a mermaid after catching her in his net, but discovers he must give up his soul in order to marry her.

••• Torly Kid is branching out: “New York City mom and small business owner, Carol Adams, is expanding her offering of skills from expert curator of clothing and gifts to expert curator of travel. Her newest venture, Torly Travels, offers a variety of services to ease the stress of vacation planning by providing custom-built itineraries and carefully researched travel suggestions.”