Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments. And remember: You can see previous “Where in Tribeca…?” photos—and the answers—by clicking the Where in Tribeca…? tag at the end of this post.

where in tribeca eagleUPDATE: Congratulations to Jim Smithers, who once again correctly identified the location—115 Chambers.

where in tribeca eagle answer



  1. Post Office on Church next to World Trade Center complex?

  2. Or, is it decorating the USCIS building on Church and Worth?

  3. 115 Chambers Street……!!!

  4. Where’s the *SMITHERS WINS AGAIN!* on the main page?! No time to get sloppy! I have an image to maintain on these Amagansett weekends! Did I just walk by Alec Baldwin? Or was it Billy Baldwin? Oh gosh, who gives a shit! Am I right, people?!