Seen & Heard: Nude York City

••• In its infinite lack of wisdom, the Battery Park City Authority evidently decided against letting the public speak at its meetings. State senator Daniel Squadron “released the following statement in response to the Battery Park City Authority’s meeting today where direct public comment was disallowed, instead opting for elected official comment and written comment for the record: ‘It’s disappointing that the Battery Park City Authority has chosen a complicated and woefully lacking solution to a simple problem. The Authority could have allowed direct public comment as many other boards do, instead it has shown insufficient willingness to allow public comment. This was never about elected officials’ opportunity to be heard—we have many opportunities to be heard. It’s about local residents sharing their local perspective with a board who overwhelmingly resides elsewhere.”

••• Press release: “On Friday, June 10 from 2-5 p.m., Trinity Church Wall Street will open its archives and put on display original artifacts from the life of Alexander Hamilton [….] The display will offer a 1787 Clergy Salary Subscription List where Hamilton pledges to give two pounds (the currency used after the Revolutionary War) toward salaries for the parish’s three assistant ministers and a 1792 Petition to the Vestry, signed by Hamilton, to call the Rev. John Bisset as an assistant minister in the parish.” It’s not clear if those are the highlights or the full extent of the pop-up. UPDATE: It’s just the two items, and there’s also a tour.

••• There’s an axonometric drawing posted at 108 Chambers (southwest corner of Church, where Imperial Coffee House was). The DOB filings had shown a two-story building, but developer Greystone said it’ll actually be a 10-story building (with commercial on the first floor and eight residence—one’s a duplex—on the other nine floors). “We are focusing on getting the retail portion built out as soon as possible, so the current drawing on site represents that,” says the rep. “We identified additional square footage for the residential portion, so those plans are being revised and resubmitted for approvals.”

108 Chambers••• The paper finally came all the way down on Hudson Wellness, the physical therapy office at 281 Broadway (affiliated with Hudson Spine & Pain Medicine upstairs).

Hudson Wellness••• Photographer Nikola Tamindzic has a book called Fucking New York coming out (link NSFW); it could be more accurately titled Frottaging New York, but I quibble. Much of the Kickstarter trailer is shot in this area, and here’s a bonus shot from Tribeca that he posted on Twitter.

Fucking New York••• The Roxy Hotel added some zesty brickwork to its northeast corner. According to Google Maps, it’s replacing a blacked-out window.

Roxy Hotel


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  1. Re: Fucking New York – the admixture of earnest politeness and douchey dumbness is very difficult for me to assimilate. May be just me. Probably just me.