Seen & Heard: Inside 56 Leonard

••• M. M. De Voe tweeted a photo of the musical swings installation at Brookfield Place; it opens today.

The Swings at Brookfield Place by MM De Voe••• Elliman broker Matthew de Groot posted the first two photos below of 56 Leonard. And the third, of the building entrance, is by yours truly.

56 Leonard apartment by Matthew de Groot56 Leonard entrance••• A rep says Ichimura is the name of the sushi restaurant coming to 69 Leonard. (Ichidan is the LLC’s name.)

••• A reader noticed that Pakistan Tea House was closed the other night, and the owner said that the building was experiencing electrical blackouts, but that it had reopened the next day. Yesterday it was closed again—but Nish Nush and Taste Chinese Restaurant were both open….

Pakistan Tea House••• Had a nice visit to the Joe Coffee outpost at Cadillac House, the flashy showroom at 330 Hudson. Love the oval pendant lights.

Joe Coffee at Cadillac House