Where in Tribeca…?

Important: I’m thinking of making the time WIT…? gets posted random. It’ll still be Fridays, but not always at 8 a.m.

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments. And remember: You can see previous “Where in Tribeca…?” photos—and the answers—by clicking the Where in Tribeca…? tag at the end of this post.

where in tribeca NYUPDATE: Congratulations to Robert Ripps, for this is indeed the old New York Mercantile Exchange building at 2 Harrison.

where in tribeca NY answer



  1. Mercantile Exchange, Harrison at Hudson.

  2. Take that Smithers. And I vote to keep WIT at 8 on Fridays. Otherwise I’ll have no reason to get up before noon…

  3. Congratulations, Rippster. Mornings in the summer are tough for me since there is no WIFI on the Blade helicopters to the Hamptons. Does anyone know how to get the wrinkles out of seersucker? They are beyond stubborn.

  4. I would vote for a proper 4pm release for WIT, when I am settling down for my afternoon tea and gimlet…s.

  5. Who said there was a vote?