Seen & Heard: Bouley Hits the Market

••• The Municipal Building was among landmarks the world over to be done up with rainbow-colored lights last night in honor of the victims of the Orlando massacre. It struck me as a gesture in a world country desperate for action, but in the long view, I never thought, growing up, that LGBT people would be accepted to this degree, so that’s something. (Colored lights are still generally tacky.)

••• As expected, the Bouley space at 163 Duane is on the market; the asking price is $15 million. The listing touts the kitchen, so maybe we’ll get a restaurant there.

••• What appears to be a sandwich shop called Sarnie Dog is opening on Greene between Prince and Spring. There’s zero about it online, but “sarnie” is a Britishism for sandwich.

Sarnie Dog on Greene St••• The south side of 19 Park Place is nearly completely glassed. The north is just getting underway.

19 Park Place••• I finally made it over to Pisillo Italian Panini‘s new café, next door to the sandwich shop. The specialty is Cremino, a kind of espresso milkshake. (“Innovation of Pisillo,” says the sign on the door.)

Pisillo cafe cremino



  1. 19 Park Place looks like it could be the location for a remake of the film Sliver.

  2. Pisillo is hands down the best Italian sandwich shop downtown.

  3. I still have no idea what the developers at 19 park place are thinking pricing their building only 10% less than 30 park place? The two buildings are as similar as apples and wrenches

  4. 19 Park Place has a long history of building violations and unsafe concrete construction. Anyone purchasing should be aware that they are buying into a lemon.